About Us



By Geeks. For Geeks.

This isn't just a business for us, it's a way of life. We don't just sell our products, we wear them too.


Made to order.

We don't hold large amounts of stock so every order is printed and hand finished to order. We carefully scrutinise everything we send out so you can be sure that you're getting the very best OG product we can provide.


Step out in style.

We may be biased but we think our brand and designs are awesome. Our items are fashionable and offer a subtle tip of the hat to all of those geek interests we are so passionate about.

a few words about us

Setup in 2018 as a new Limited Company, our aim is to celebrate geek life and all of the things that we are so passionate about.

The ethos of The Official Geek is very simple and came about because we kept seeing the same clothing designs being produced for the same geek subjects that didn't really suit people our age....we're all old enough to remember VCRs, cassette tapes and Bruce Willis with hair.

We want to create a range of every day clothing  where the designs are

  • subtle
  • fashionable
  • for people like us

To make our products we work with a local company based in the North East of England and are rigorous in our aim to provide a high quality product every time. If something falls short of the high standards we've set ourselves then we won't ship it. If you get one our products and are unhappy, then we want to know that too.

We're not big on flashy promotions or special events but we do promise to offer all year round competitive prices to the Geek community.  We do have some limited edition items that we'll tell you about too.

If you like us then spread the word

We know what a powerful force the Geek Community is so if you like what we do and want to spread the word, be sure to throw us a follow or a mention on your favourite social media platform.

Get in touch

Something on your mind? Either contact us via social media or get in touch through our contact form and we will be happy to help where we can.


Paul T

The Boss

Will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed or numbered.

A professional web developer by trade, he's more tattoo than man now.

When he's not living the geek life, he plays lawn bowls to a pretty good standard.

Liam Grieves


He's been professionally colouring in and drawing for over 15 years and without him, all we would have is ideas

As a keen entrepreneur, you can also find Liam's other businesses online at Liam Grieves.com

Kit Kath

Seamstress and quality control

The real power behind the throne, she's famous for her love of all things Ghibli and we're convinced she's part feline. Her goal in life is to befriend a Groot.

Meticulous by nature she ensures only the highest quality makes it to our customers.

If she's not behind her sewing machine, you can find Kit Kath delving into a bag of Wotsit crisps.

Smoking Dave T

Researcher and product tester

The only man you'll ever need on your team during the film round of a quiz, he's OG to the core.

Along with The Boss, he can (and does!) spend hours talking about any geek pursuit you care to mention and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of steelbooks and special edition movie print content.